estovers [es tō′vərz]
[ME < OFr estovoir, to be necessary (inf. used as n.) < L est opus, it is needed]
certain reasonable necessities allowed by law, as wood taken by a tenant for fuel or repairs

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  • Estovers — Es*to vers ([e^]s*t[=o] v[ e]rz), n. pl. [OF. estoveir, estovoir, necessary, necessity, need, prop. an infin. meaning to suit, be fit, be necessary. See {Stover}.] (Law) Necessaries or supplies; an allowance to a person out of an estate or other… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • estovers — es·to·vers /es tō vərz/ n pl [Anglo French, plural of estover necessity, allowance, from estoveir to be necessary, from Old French, ultimately from Latin est opus it is necessary]: necessary supplies; esp: wood that a tenant is allowed to take… …   Law dictionary

  • Estovers — In former English law, estovers is wood that a tenant is allowed to take, for life or a period of years, from the land he holds for the repair of his house, the implements of husbandry, hedges and fences, and for firewood. The word derives the… …   Wikipedia

  • estovers — [ɪ stəʊvəz, ɛ ] plural noun (usu. common/right of estovers) Brit., chiefly historical the right to take wood for fuel, repairs, or other necessary purpose from land which one does not own, especially land of which one is the tenant or lessee.… …   English new terms dictionary

  • estovers — /e stoh veuhrz/, Law. necessaries allowed by law, as wood and timber to a tenant or alimony to a spouse. [1250 1300; ME < AF, n. use of OF estovoir, estover to be necessary L est opus there is need] * * * …   Universalium

  • estovers — n. essentials allowed by the law (child support, alimony payments, etc.) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Estovers — The right to gather wood …   Medieval glossary

  • estovers — es·to·vers …   English syllables

  • estovers — /əsˈtoʊvəz/ (say uhs tohvuhz), /ɛs / (say es ) plural noun Law necessaries allowed by law, as wood and timber to a tenant, alimony to a wife, etc. {Anglo French: necessities, properly estover, infinitive, be necessary, from Roman estopēre, from… …  

  • estovers — The right of a tenant of farm land, whether for life or for years, to take from the leased premises such amount of wood or timber as is sufficient or necessary for fuel, the repair of buildings, the repair of implements of husbandry, the repair… …   Ballentine's law dictionary

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